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The next stop was Whitehorse and somewhere along between Dawson City and Whitehorse is when Dominar 2080 started giving problems. One, definitely yes, all our chains were in bad shape, but Dominar 2080 seemed to be having more problems than usual.

Unexpectedly, the front tire of Dominar 2080 developed multiple punctures, and they were punctures that were so close to each other that putting a plug into it was literally impossible.

So about 250 kilometers short of Whitehorse is when 2080 was completely down, and in the midst of nowhere, trust me this is an absolutely lonely stretch of road that heads into Whitehorse. We did see cars that were headed on either side that stopped checked about our situation and assured us that they will pass on the message to the next town.

We had almost waited for about close to two and a half hours when we got a guy who was actually working by the Yukon River. There’s still some gold mining happening there, and he agreed to move his stuff on the back of his truck and we managed to load the 2080 onto the back and headed off towards Whitehorse.

Just about at location called Pelly Crossing is where we met a father and daughter duo.. Bruce Johnson and his daughter Holly Johnson, who were riding from Deadhorse to Ushuaia, but along the Trans-American Highway. Hats off and a lot of respect to the two of them who were trying to generate funds for a children’s hospital. Bruce is an employee with ReMax, which is one of the giants in real estate leasing.  We spent some time with them and bid adieu hoping to meet them somewhere along the highway.

At Whitehorse, we stayed with the Best Value Inn and the stay here is something that I will remember for a very, very long time.