Small crash on Dalton Highway !!

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As we hit on this stretch, we had the first incident of Dominar 2090 having a crash (the second fall) on the Dalton Highway as he simply was not able to manage the gravel terrain, which can actually be very tricky as you ride and can shift so suddenly that you are bound to lose your balance. The trick is to stand and ride and hold the handlebar slightly loose and allow the front wheel to take it’s course. 

Now thankfully, there was no bodily harm, but the bike did take a little amount of beating.  One of the empty jerry can slided badly and tore open.  Other than that there wasn’t any big damage that could have stopped us from going ahead.  Services on the Dalton Highway are pretty staggered and you don’t get much of services like fuel, food, stay, etc. Planning ahead is absolutely important!

However, the Alaska 11 is one of the most beautiful road one must visit if you are traveling in the United States.  The Atigun Pass along this highway is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and prominent passes along the Dalton Highway.  The only disappointment after riding all along the Dalton Highway and reaching Deadhorse, only to be told that the road leading to the Arctic Ocean to the Prudhoe Bay is restricted to the vehicles of the gas pumping station and private vehicles are not allowed.

One of the most interesting and a landmark picture is definitely my visit to the Prudhoe Bay General Store. This is a very, very historical place where almost every overlander would cherish a beautiful memory of having stopped by this store, put a sticker in there and take a picture, and I did not do anything different.  In case you have an opportunity to reach this place, be sure to look out for two of my stickers. one is definitely that of Armstrong, and the second one is of the Dominar Polar Odyssey.