Little Gold Creek

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We moved on from Fairbanks and headed towards the city of North Pole. This is where we would hook up into the Canadian side.

Interesting is as you head on this lonely stretch, the elevation picks up and this highway is actually called the Top of the World Highway, and as you climb this highway towards the American border, known as the Poker Creek in Alaska and the Canadian side, which is a few meters across would be the Little Gold Creek. I must say, this is one of the most beautiful and pleasant border crossing I have seen.  Knowing that we were overlanding, the American side, though they do not stamp an Exit, asked if I want a seal on my passport of this location.  Never say No to such questions…today, I look back at 4 booklets of my passport, I am proud that there are so many interesting stamps, which by itself is a collection!  The stamps from Antarctica are and will remain, by far the BEST!

The minute you cross the little Gold Creek is when the landscape just changes.


The weather becomes colder, not cooler; it becomes even cold and very foggy and the visibility becomes almost zero.  The road is completely maintained, slush, because of the fog, and the bikes would start to look really beautiful. Winding down the Top of the World Highway would lead us to a small town called Dawson City. This city resembles cities as depicted in old western