Hitting the sixth most dangerous road in the world

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As planned, we reached The James W. Dalton Highway on the 29th of July 2018, a perfect and fitting continuation from the 28th of July 2017 from Magadan.

Some very interesting places that we would pass would be crossing the Yukon River, the town of Coldfoot and eventually reaching the town of Deadhorse, which is the end of the Dalton Highway, and during this process, we would cross the Arctic Circle on the Dalton Highway.

This road is known as the sixth most dangerous road in the world simply for the elements of Nature it throws at us, gravel ridden roads on permafrost bedding, uneven surface with meteor like potholes, and there are trucks that fly past and due to extreme dusty conditions, it is possible that you can get knocked off.  A lot of wildlife that can be sighted we did come across a sloth bear watching us as we refueled from our jerry cans. We did also end up facing a grizzly!!  We did see a lot of the Central Arctic Caribou and had a short ride behind them too!