Challenges riding on the Dempster!!!

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Riding on the Dempster was one of the biggest adventures I can ever think of.  Not that the landscape or the wilderness was a challenge, the road itself was something that I was just not able to come to terms with.

1:  The Bajaj Dominar’s was just about a basic bike. It did have the ABS, but nothing like any of the big bikes like traction control or whatever those bikes have to make your ride a much easier one, but nonetheless, gave us an opportunity to loosen out the muscles and put in every bit of experience into play to make sure that I kept the rubber side down.  Yes, having reached another milestone at Tuktoyaktuk by the Arctic Ocean itself, this was a moment to cherish.

As mentioned earlier, it was on the 8th August and definitely when I look back at those days, I can only thank my wife for ringing in back the motivation or re-fueling my passion to get on two wheels and explore the roads less traveled.