Burns Lake

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Burns Lake

Quite ironic you might say that we had the pass by a place called Burns Lake, and indeed, this place was actually burning! 2018 end of July or rather beginning of August is when there was a huge fire in this area and the entire administration was struggling to bring the fire under control. As we headed down towards Vancouver, we passed this Burns Lake, we could smell the burning forest, see the flames in the distance and even met people who were managing and trying to control the fire, who told us that we need to take extreme care because they are chances that we might get suffocated.  Having passed the Burns Lake the next destination was almost heading into Vancouver.

A good friend from the motorcycling community back in India Sanjay Chadha, whose friend Sunit Bector, who has a precision component manufacturing company called Affinity Manufacturing in British Columbia, Vancouver. This would be our base for a complete check of our motorcycles. This would also be a base for the first oil change. This would also be a base for getting the rear tires changed because Anitha would be bringing in the required tires that would eventually take us across the next 20,000 kilometers of the ride from Vancouver, in Canada, into the US and all the way up to San Francisco where she would eventually fly back to India.

Destiny as they say, this is what gets us to meet such lovely family in the entire team of people whom we met in Affinity, Manufacturing. The main point of contact was a Sunit Bector. Unfortunately, he was away on business travel. But he had made sure that we got connected to Navdeep Singh Arora, who made sure that the bikes were taken in, accommodation was arranged with Sunit’s parents, who so warmly welcomes us into their homes, it was like we were visiting my own grandparents!  

We got down to cleaning the bike, because in the next two days, Anitha would be coming in.