Arctic Circle once again!!

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The Arctic Circle again, the second time in less than seven days after having covered the Arctic Circle on the Dalton Highway, The Dempster was definitely another challenging landmark.  On reaching Eagle Plains, a proclamation of Arctic Circle crossing was handed over to us by the hotel guys, and it was time to bid adieu to Eagle Plains; loading up the panniers and heading back towards the City of Dawson.

It is but natural that we meet a lot of overland motorcyclists or even for that matter people driving and it is always fascinating to see all the big bikes, bikes that have a backup support with them, but everybody makes it a point to wave at us, stop, exchange pleasantries, let us know their plans, hear our plans and then move on.

Now from Tuk towards Vancouver would be a run because this is something that I really want to focus on reaching Vancouver because I should be there when my wife arrives on the 18th.