An Encounter with the Grizzly!!!

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Having finished with the customary picture session, we headed towards the Deadhorse Camp, a place where we would stay that night and next.  This place will be remembered for an up close and personal interaction with a grizzly and the first to sight was Dominar 2080, who was trying to park his motorcycle behind the Deadhorse Camp.  For a moment, he didn’t quite realize what was happening and he certainly started to flee that place.  I was right behind him and didn’t really understand why he was fleeing. I kept riding on and for a moment I froze as I saw a huge seven footer grizzly bear knocking on the glass doors of the trucks looking around for food.

One thing that we must understand is when we see wildlife we should freeze. Any involuntary jerky movements can provoke them and they might charge at you. Thankfully, there were a lot of other residents in the Deadhorse Camp who came out and shooed away the bear without any incidents.  Amidst all the hoopla, I did manage to shoot memories of this beautiful animal.

Deadhorse has guided tours for visitors to be escorted in a secured minibus through the cordoned off settlement and reach the shores of the Arctic Ocean.  It is a touristy thing!  Stepping into the Arctic Ocean has definitely been one of the most cherished memories. I still have some memorabilia in the form of gravel that I picked up from the Arctic Ocean and I’m looking forward to sharing that as a souvenir to the community.  I spent some quiet and blissful moments by the Arctic Ocean before heading back to the mini bus that would take us back to Deadhorse Camp.