Exhilarating & Enthralling! That sums up my experience with the Ducati Multistrada 1200 Enduro! I was like a child who got a new toy to play and did I have a roll 🙂

The weekend of Christmas 2016 couldn’t have been any better.  With some basic coordination with the guys at Ducati India, Tusharr / Amit and Prateek, I was given to experience this machine first hand. While I may not want to iterate the technical specifications in their brochure, to simply narrate my experience of riding this machine… It was like riding this with the ease of a bicycle!  Be it moving around when stationary, or the ease of maneuvering this in bumper to bumper traffic or taking it off road (with no two thoughts!) to get some adrenaline rush… this machine took it with a breeze.

The Most Beautiful – Ducati Multistrada 1200 Enduro!

I don’t mean to glorify a borrowed product but I will be true to myself. Simply put, this is one of the MOST capable machines that anyone has made.  The eye to detail is just crafted to perfection.

I am a person who will look at aspects of many things to enhance my riding experience.  To start off with tyres, then lights, fuel capacity, seating ergonomics and of course, road presence, and more so, in that order.  This machine scores a 100% in every aspect of a adventure bike!

Absolutely Stunning… Captivating… Invigorating… The rush of adrenaline can only be felt when astride!

I had the opportunity to use 3 of the 4 modes.. Urban, Touring and Enduro modes on my recent ride over the Christmas weekend towards Bandipur and Madhumalai.  Coordinated with my friend Juz Cottoncity, along with friends and their families, we reached Bandipur on Day 1 traversing from Bangalore – Nelamangala – Nagamangala – (quick detour to Melkote)- Srirangapatna – Mysore – Gundlupet – Bandipur… all on the Touring mode.  The machine is very responsive, with tons of torque and response time to the throttle is I fraction of seconds.  You can see the vehicles in the rear view mirror blur out of sight in no time.

Quick lunch later, we had a premium safari (government vehicle) that was a disappointment as we were not able to see the cats… I am updated that there are nearly 120+ tigers over a 1200 Sq Kms forest reserve.  Nonetheless, we did come across many varieties of birds, spotted deer in huge numbers, many peacocks, wild boars and mongoose. Day 1 ended with family socialization.

Five Families together!

Day 2 started at 05:00 am towards Madhumalai in an effort to catch the Sunrise. Post that Juz offered to take us off the highway into a trail with sufficient education.  Here I switched the mode to Enduro and I could sense that the machine is now highly capable of taking care of itself.  The very feel of the throttle to the rear wheel tyre was a different feeling! While the pictures might not do any justice to showcase the elevation and descent, the video is the nearest reality.  But you got to experience the gradients and for a first timer on this machine, the sweat was never there. Not too sure how heavy this bike is, but it just waded through some boulders like a mountain bike… that’s what this is!

The Ducati Multistrada 1200 Enduro on the Enduro mode!
Ascents and descents were a BREEZE!

On completing some photo shoots in this private property spread over 380 acres, we headed back towards the resort. Checked out from Madhumalai and headed back to Bandipur to a pre-organized meet and greet with some of the finest pachyderms  .. the most handsome, JP – Jaiprakash, Chaitra – mother of a new born year old Pallavi and her caretaker aunt, Padmaja.  Wonderful interaction for more than an hour before we headed towards Bangalore via Gundlupet – Chamarajanagar – Kollegal – Kanakapura – Home.

Padmaja, Baby Pallavi (still nursing on mother’s milk!) Chaitra and the most handsome- JP – Jayaprakash!
Family Picture tho banta hai boss!
Group Picture tho bhi banta hai!

I have no recollection of how many kilometers we covered, but I could sense the average about 19/20 km per liter was the overall average! And not too bad for a 1200 cc machine… what a perfectly crafted machine… absolutely drool worthy!

Anyone can drool over a NICE machine and I was no stranger as well.. well, it is descended from my ancestors too!

Some pictures for you all to drool… enjoy my experience.. Hope I have done justice to this machine!

Takes corners like a whiff of wind!
Go anywhere..!
The Isuzu V Cross & The Ducati Multistrada 1200 Enduro!
SunDeep, Aravind and Sudhir.. all smiles post the climb!
Some listen Obediently..
Some just don’t 🙁
We all dream.. some dreams do come true.. for me, even if I am not owning this right now, there was a dream to ride this around when launched globally… Thanks to Tusharr Kumar from Ducati India for helping me realize my dream!

I recently uploaded a small snippet of my ride.  Please watch it here:

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