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Fairbanks along Alaska 11 is a very crucial junction where the road would either head towards the Prudhoe Bay that would be leading to the Arctic Circle and the Arctic Ocean. And at the same junction, you can hook up to the Yukon Highway that would take us across into Canada.  We stayed at a beautiful place called the Billie’s Backpackers Hostel and enjoyed the hospitality, met few overland travelers who were cycling, who were on their four wheelers headed towards Prudhoe Bay or probably up to Coldfoot and then turn back. Not many opined an interest to head all the way towards Prudhoe Bay because of the long grueling gravel road which some of them found it boring, but we did meet cyclists who were equally enthused to head towards the Prudhoe Bay. Billie’s Backpackers Hostel is highly recommended in Fairbanks and in case you get an opportunity to go there, you must stay with these folks. Also interesting in Fairbanks is something called Hari Om Restaurant, which came recommended from Billy and we were able to enjoy the hospitality of these folks.

Apparently, the people owning this are from Ranchi, the land of the mighty Dhoni is what I kind of teased them.  Food was excellent and reignited the taste buds of spices like it is back home. I’m a person who insists that when in Rome be a Roman, but a certain amount of deviation and enjoying the local cuisine which tastes like back home was definitely welcome.