To Russia with Love

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toTimeless memories weave throughout Kazakhstan … and as I prepare to leave this beautiful exotic country, a strong bond of friendship seals in Kalbatao.  In the last 20 days, across the 4 Countries that included a portion and detour in Uzbekistan, heading into Tajikistan via the most picturesque route through Khujand and Dushanbe, hooking ourselves on the Old Silk Route into the Pamir Highway, a road that would leave many drooling and making some of the hardcore off road fanatics sweat it out, and moving on to the green pastures and snow capped peaks in Kyrgyzstan, friends from foreign land who made this place their home and helping orphans and adventure seekers like us, and riding into a country where I almost rolled out a tear when departing from Kazakhstan into Russia! It’s all happened over the last 20 days and ~5000 kms.. While kms may not actually be an accomplishment, the gigabytes of memory captured is sufficient for quite some time to come!

Kazakhstan into Russia!! The Altai Krai region welcomes us into this beautiful country!!

The roads in Russia have been something we have been looking forward to. From the border town of Rubtsovsk all through the Altai Krai region, for a distance of about ~3000, we will continue to be in ‘transport’ section, the interesting landscapes and places of interest from the Soviet era will only slow us down, before we cross over to Mongolia and bounce back into Russia .. Else, the roads are something that are the best in the world.. The highways at least from what we can say from our experience and know thus far.

Barnaul, one of the first major town in Russia post crossing the Kazakhstan border, where we had plans to get the Dominar’s  a general service with oil and filter change during the day. A whole day affair to get the 3 bikes attended and post which we found our way to’ Bike Bar’, a very interesting place of sorts

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