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Bharathi Rajaram… a name that would eventually be associated with truckload of guidance from here on… first, she introduced Igor Shaligin .. A 48 year old gentleman was referred to us by her ..Batty, as Igor refers her,, who visited the town of Tayshet exactly a month back. Tayshet is strategic in its location for connecting Moscow to Vladivostok and this is where the Trans-Siberian Highway connects. We have been banking on references for some time now and they have been excellent all along, but this was a kracker!
Igor runs a homestay and is very keen to host travelers like us.. The pampering we got is beyond any explanation.. Batty had forewarned him that we are vegetarians, he referred me as a traveler on wind (as described by Batty), kept a very close track of us reaching Tayshet from Krasnoyarsk, as he had to prepare the Sauna and food.
On reaching, he immediately whisked us to our room and guided us into the in-house Russian Sauna… Birch treatment, the execution style and making us like new babies … Will not get into any further details here. Dinner was fabulous and the next day the breakfast was mind blowing!!

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