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Armstrong Seats

Armstrong seats are a result of necessity, innovation and experience which focuses on putting as much comfort into the seat as possible.We have taken design cues based on a number of factors that go into making a long tour shorter and more comfortable.

The result is a seat that is not only very comfortable but also looks and fits perfectly on the motorcycle.

The handcrafted seats and quality ensure comfort regardless of the distance.

Front Seat

By combining quality materials and Progressive Density Foam, we create exceptional foundations that provide superior comfort and vehicle control. 

While Gel seats try to replicate this, hot weather makes it unmanageable.

These seats have been tested in temperatures as high as 48 deg and as low as -40 deg.These seats have been tested in a wide variety of terrains and have spent more than 50,000 kms on the roads.The result is a seat that is not only painstakingly designed but also tested across the world.

When creating these seats, not only were the deficiencies in the stock seat measured but also a picture of an ideal comfortable seat due to my rides have been taken in handcrafting them.

Rear Seat

They are not produced en masse but give you the benefit of a custom made riding pleasure. The seats are aimed at users who will ride 500+ kms of all kinds of terrain.

They are large, comfortable specifically designed to keep the rider and pillion very comfortable during long distance riding.

Side View


 How can I expect it to feel and ride? 

 The Armstrong Seats is made to support your body weight more from the  sides and ample cushioning on your back and also provide better weight  distribution. The seat has been handcrafted to provide the most support  possible WHILE RIDING with your feet on the pegs which actually displaces some of your weight to your thighs and helps relieve hot spots.    The Armstrong Seats feels firm at first, but retains resilience indefinitely so you always have a nice ride. Over time, our custom foam will actually breakin and take on your shape for a personalized fit. 

Is the Armstrong seat softer than my stock one?

  When the question of seat softness is raised, it actually brings up several  issues. First off, a soft foam is actually detrimental to riding comfort.  When a foam is too soft, it does not offer the rider the support that is  needed for the long haul and given time will compact to the point to where it offers no resiliency at all. When this occurs, the rider usually assumes  that the seat is too hard, when in fact the problem has arisen from the foam being too soft.   Armstrong’s solution is to use a tried and tested density of foam, in varying layers. On average, Armstrong foam is used at a density  almost twice as the original which after thousands of miles of support  during my rides has proven to provide the best combination of resilience  with true riding SUPPORT!

In addition, Armstrong’s foam has a memory feature. After a break-in period of approximately 1500-2000 miles, the Seats will actually take on the shape of the rider which provides even better weight dispersion and custom fitted comfort. 

What happens if my Seats gets wet?

Don’t panic, water won’t damage your Seats. Armstrong covers are extremely durable and are weather resistant too. Although the materials are resistant to water intrusion, the stitching in the cover can let water in. If this happens, your behind will probably get wet a couple of the times as you squeeze the water back out while sitting on the seat. The solution to this is to let the seat dry out in the sun for a while.   TIP: Remove your Seats from your bike when washing it.

 What is the Warranty period on Armstrong Seats?

Personally, I have tested these over 50000 kms before it went in for a  cosmetic overhaul simply due to the continuous rigorous exposure in  uncharted terrains, and I am happy to provide you with a warranty supportshould you need to get your seats revamped due to any defects ahead of  this mileage.  

Recently I’ve seen some information about “Gel Seats”.  Why doesn’t  Armstrong offer this?

The Gel Seats can easily heat up in higher temperatures and also disfigure  the seat looks and also leading to a very uncomfortable ride.  Gel padding was originally developed as prosthesis for mastectomy patients and was  never intended to support more than its own weight.  When subjected to  heavy pounding, gel deteriorates developing pockets or holes. This situation worsens as the gel deteriorates. 

Why not air cushions seats? 

  These are addons and are strapped over your original seats.  In case of a  reactive braking, there is a great possibility that the straps may move  forcing you to lose your concentration.  There is also the pain of getting  THAT right air pressure to suit your comfort, and all chances of leakage.  Worst case scenario, it could get punctured and getting it repaired to  original may never be the same.  

Is the price include GST?

All products and services in India fall under the ambit of GST. The GST for seats is at 28% which would be published on the invoice.The advertised price excludes GST

 What are the shipping charges?

The shipping charges are included in the advertised price for India delivery.The item would be shipped by Courier.

 Is it easy to install Armstrong seats?

Absolutely… you use your ignition key to remove the rear seat… the front seat is bolted with 2 x 10 mm… all you need is a 10 size tubular spanner to remove the front seat…. Will not take you more than 5 min!

Do you ship outside India?

For orders exceeding 10 numbers, Yes, we can! 

How do I order?

Please drop in a mail to We will reply with the details.

How Long will it take for me to get delivery?

Limited bookings are open since the seats are handcrafted and we cannot service big orders.The time for delivery would be intimated to the purchaser via email.

What happens to the stock seats?

We use the stock seats to build Armstrong Seats. Since it takes less than 5 minutes to change the seats,you can use the stock seats for day to day commuting and Armstrong Seats for touring.