Salmon Glacier

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Another landmark destination would be the Salmon Glacier, before which we had to pass the Bear Glacier, in Steward, British Columbia, which is almost by the road.  This is one fascinating beauty of the nature.  This is my first experience of looking at what a glacier can be like. Incidentally, as we were enjoying the beauty of the Bear Glacier, there was a very elderly gentleman who stepped out of a car and began walking up to the river that separated the road and the glacier.  We got to introducing ourselves and he mentioned that the Bear Glacier used to almost cover half the width of the river about 15 years back, and this was a definite indication of global warming that had set in.

Riding up the Salmon Glacier, bumping into another Sloth Bear and watching the Salmons, which were migrating was another treat by itself.  Stewart, in BC which houses the Salmon Glacier, which is actually the northern part of British Columbia and onwards across the mountains, would be United States, but it’s absolutely rough terrain, something that not any of them use. 

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