Road of Bones

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The Road of Bones, as it’s meant to be.. While no attempt to glorify the situation that regular commuters face, the situation can get disastrous depending on the weather.. Roads getting washed away and under current in the river crossing not imaginable..

A turnoff at the 2000 kms mark on the Federal Highway of the 3000 kms long Road of Bones is Kyubeme.. just one of the very few points where fuel is available.  From here, you can choose to head on another 1000 odd kms towards the end of this road to Magadan or choose to take a detour towards Tomtor and exit to Kadykchan and do it in 400 kms. ..this IS the dreaded Old Summer Road, abandoned due to high water levels, dilapidated and washed away road, very intense wild life of pack dogs to bears and mostly infamous for mosquitoes that can be as big as an inch!

We detoured! Initial reluctance was seen in the team as the motel in Kyubeme warned us against taking that route due to high water levels and no roads.. but that’s what we were here for…

Kyubeme to Tomtor was all of 156 kms and this distance looked like it will never end!  It took us 2 days to wade through this distance using every help possible but indeed was a satisfying moment to reach Tomtor, with friends who got connected waiting for us to host.

Any plans to move ahead was shot down clearly indicating high risks and unavailable support for the remainder of the 240 kms.  As excited as I was to have detoured on to the Old Summer Road, I chose to heed to the warning from people who live here and bowed down to the fury of the nature and turned the handlebar back towards Kyubeme.

Kyubeme to Yagadnoye to Magadan! One of the finest run ever! And the boundless joy was uncontrollable as we crossed over the Mile 0 on the infamous M56 in Magadan!

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