Ramadan in Kazakhstan

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Konurylen, Kazakhstan… I may have got the place name wrong as language was a definite challenge and google had no location set up.

We stopped to grab some tea but there was no one around to ask if it was available.  Then this old lady walks out of the only shop, with her daughter and told that we won’t get tea anywhere there and that she will prepare for us at her place and off we all went for a short walk. What happened next was absolutely unthinkable and deeply touching experience for me. Syeda set an entire table full of food for us, along with her husband, made us gorge while she fondly showed me all the photos of her family, one by one.
I don’t just understand how much love can people share for strangers and all during the holy month of Ramadan!!

I continue to be intrigued by statues of Men on Horses from history in time immemorial! The Great Manas gains his place even in Kazakhstan.. Stop by for a picture for memory, and I get children clamoring around to get a picture with my machine.. There’s never been a denial for a picture for memories!! .

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