This will be the first in line of the next few blogs – A most common question that I have faced…. How do I manage my leave for riding around so much?

I work with one of the largest financial institutions in the world, and in the Business Management Team of Analytics.  We fall under the ambit of the Group Service Centers.  While the job description itself may not sound interesting, it does keep me occupied for the required number of hours at work ?

I am in my 12th year with this wonderful Group, which has helped me develop a perfect Work-Life Balance… something that my Employer is also concerned , so much so, that we are compelled to stay away from work for the number of leave that we are authorized to.  No leave encashment is permitted and this make it even easier to get the off days as off!

As a full time employee, I am authorized 34 days of leave.

Off these days, there are 8 mandatory days off, keeping in view the mix of employees within the Analytics world.  The National Days too are included in these 8 days. (Republic / Independence), and mandatory State holidays.

34 – 8 = 26

Off the 26 days, and per the Group mandate, and being a financial institution, I am required to stay away from work for a mandatory Core Leave of 2 weeks.  This is to ensure that work will still go on business as usual, even in my absence.

26-10 = 16

Rest of the 16 days are at my disposal.  Here, I make it a point to add another week (5 days) to my Mandatory Core Leave so that I can take off on longer rides.  This is strictly based on my Manager’s discretion and also if all my deliverables have been closed.

So, it is usually, 26-15 = 11

Depending on deliverables during certain months of the year, I stagger my leave request to accommodate family priorities (birthdays of wife /daughter / myself) and the bigger family commitments.  These need to be meticulously planned and to include weekend where possible to get an advantage of a longer time off.

Now, the advantage of working with this Group, the weekends are off… which means, I get to work (260 – 34 = 226 days) and other than the leave eligibility, I also have the weekends..

That’s a whopping 104 days for me to use it the way I wish to!!

104 + 34 = 138 days for my life… Do I need anything more ?

Check out my riding maps over the last 16 odd months.. the Speedo is inching towards 37000 Kms!

My two long rides – (1) – Bangalore – Bhutan – Arunachal Pradesh – Siliguri – Agra – Jaipur – Pune – Bangalore & (2 )- Bangalore – Sikkim- Siliguri – Kathmandu – Pokhara – Gorakhpur – Agra – Delhi – Jaipur – Udaipur – Pune – Bangalore


The numerous short trips done across South India – you may call it the Breakfast Rides or Lunch Rides or a ride to meet up with the riding community or just to get the hell out of traffic!
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