KTM Adventure 390.First Impressions

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ktm 390
KTM adventure 390

There are some unforgettable moments ..for me, other than the travel itself, it has been showing off or unveiling some machines that have created enough eagerness before they actually hit the road…

An experience with Popular Bajaj, Cochin was my first in the last few months where the Bajaj Dominar Aurora Green UG 2019 was unveiled amidst such fanfare!

The recent one was the unveiling of the KTM Adventure 390 at The Bikerni Within 2020, a get-together of nearly 700+ from the riding community who gathered to witness the celebration of women in travel and passion to explore of the Bikerni Bengaluru team.

The Mekhri Circle KTM, a Unit of the Popular Motor Corporation used this venue to unveil the entire line-up of BS6 machines alongside the showstopper KTM Adventure 390!

The kid in me took over immediately and sensing the urge, Mr. Petse Sparkson, Head – Sales & Marketing of the KTM Division approached me and handed over the machine to go for a “test” ride.

Well, that’s it…. I got astride… gentle purring engine .. a slow throttle and I almost found the front wheel going up .. I held back the excitement not wanting to drop the bike on the very first yard!

I took off standing on the pegs… I am 5:11” and the stance was pretty comfortable.

The rear wheel screamed to rev the throttle and unleash the machine, the way it has to be!

But, hey, No…. though I was in the right atmosphere.. the Big Rock Dirtpark owned by our ace rallyist and Dakar guy.. CS Santosh… rallying bot being my forte and neither did I want to jump the mounds, took the machine on a flat track almost at the end of the event space.

My immediate observation… and I am not a technical guy and I never understood so many electronics changing on the screen, but yes.. I ENJOYED the short spin.

The bike is pure thrill.. the front and the rear shocks are so nice..I did jump a small mound and the bike just planted flat with no jerks or jumps or waves…. The confidence instiller! 

Big Rock Dirtpark is not for speeding, or atleast for me, I did not cross the gear 3… I found the machine to be highly responsive to gearshift / throttle, stable in the corners that I took at 43kmph on the track and the tyres felt fairly ok… I would have gained more confidence if they were proper button tyres, like the TKC or even the Scorpion Rallye STR for a change.

The pickup even in gear 2 or 3 is fair… I guess I had the ABS on (I just can’t understand this thing) and torque is pretty linear and no tail spins with the symphony of the throttle and clutch.

I may never own this machine, but this is way better than the rest of the cousins in their line up and must say this is one machine that most of the adventure community will look at.

With INR 3.85 on road in Bangalore, well, can’t say it comes cheap.. a little less on the electronics and slight change in price may have enthused few more.. but, hey, it’s KTM… reliability and service guaranteed!! I would be keen to see a fully loaded adventure set up and hit the trail in our own backyard!

I thank the fabulous team of Bikerni Bengaluru and the Mekhri Circle KTM for this opportunity!

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