India, Nepal fastest Cross Country Ride.

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My mother bought me a second hand B model Yezdi for about Rs.8000 and said this is the best that she could do. Absolutely no regrets at all because it was a motorcycle end of the day. I mean it may be old, it may be dated, but then it was still a motorcycle. And the boy in me started to like it. I rode around and the adventure was always there. In 1991 I approached Ideal Jawa India Limited in Mysore.I told them about my dash around the country and asked them if they can just do up the bike and I’ll take care of the rest.

NCC has always been like family for me.This is where I met Aakash, a great friend even now.

I was speaking to his father one day about wanting to cover India on my bike.I told him that Yezdi is doing up my bike. I am looking at sponsors for my trip.

I said I’m looking at about Rs.8000 towards expenses for this kind of a road trip and it would be a quick dash around the country. Create some records and come back. He told me that he could arrange the sponsor. So I was just concentrating on getting things done with Yezdi and when the bike finally came and when I was ready to start, I asked him if he was able to arrange the sponsors? He told me that he tried and couldn’t make any headway. He pulled out his wallet gave me Rs.8,000/- and said that he didn’t want the lack of sponsors dampening my enthusiasm.

 I teamed up with Basavaraj who was my mechanic for my Lambaretta, Bajaj Chetak and my Yezdi.I had spent a lot of my free time in his garage

Basavaraj and I were quite thick .When it came to thinking alike and trying to think out of the box, we were a great team. The previous night when Uncle had given us Rs.8000, he had no reason to do that. He could have simply said, he couldn’t find sponsors and excused himself. He stepped up and, just gave me the money needed for the trip. He made me realize that when you stand up for somebody, you are generally there.He was a life changing event in my life.

 The next day morning, we quietly took off from Agro Private Limited, which used to be the Yezdi dealer on Mission Road, Bangalore. We got the date endorsed, by the owner. And then we were zipping across on the National Highways, Bangalore to Bombay to Jaipur to Delhi to Srinagar .We were not allowed to proceed after Srinagar due to the militancy prevailing in J&K then. Fortunately for us, we found a guy from Basavaraj’s hometown who was in the army and we were given a convoy from the outskirts of Srinagar to the city of Srinagar and again from the outskirts on the other side, which would eventually take us towards Sonmarg. We realized there was no road ahead because of landslides and snowstorms and we had to reluctantly come back without reaching Khardungla from that route.

 Came back to Delhi went to Varanasi and then to Katmandu and came to Hyderabad and eventually ended up in Bangalore.Yezdi was really happy the way we did it because we did about 10,319 kilometers In 17 days, and that was quite a record in itself because nobody had done anything close to what we had done and we were two guys on one 1979 B model motorcycle .