How to Make Russian Mushrooms..

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Kemerovo, Russia .. Buyan & his lovely family!!

Interesting evenings have always been around pets alongside hosts who simply continue to make your stay extremely memorable and today were another day to that list!
Meet Laika.. No, she is yet to be named, but is the Russo-European breed of dog for hunting and originated in the forest region. Buyan, our extremely interesting host showed us a video of the Laika’s killing a grizzly bear..

This is a beautiful experience.. Only travel will make you experience this…
Our host in Kemerovo in the Russian Federation.
Buyan, a professional hairdresser, blessed with 3 beautiful daughters and a 4th child, which is a boy, expected soon (and he is thrilled about it!).. The time spent with him, his friends and family has been highly dramatic for us. Right from the time his friends ‘found’ us on the road and escorted to Buyan’s place, to the time we left early this morning.. It’s a classic case of a cinematic novel.. The interest that Buyan has in bikes, both on road, off road and snow, the passion he has for hunting and the ‘candy’ store setup in his attic that he entertains his friends and unexpected biker guests like us.. From leaving a footprint of putting up our Odyssey sticker, to placing our currency remembrance to receiving gifts to remember, (a river pearl necklace for my wife!)… More I wish to explain the hospitality, I feel it less.. Pictures speak a thousand words but experiences will and are imbibed in our souls.. The relentless hospitality that we have been receiving is simply unbelievable!!


How to make Russian Mushrooms

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