Entering the final leg

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13 July 2017… and this will be the final most grueling leg of the entire Odyssey.. hitting the trail from Ulaan Bataar into Russia and to Chita in Russia and blazing on the Road of Bones… M56 – the 5th most dangerous Road in the world!

Well..as we enter the final leg of the Dominar Trip360 Trans-Siberian Odyssey, it’s important to recognize inspirations who have sown this seed for getting this adventure into my mind.. #MTM 2015, a platform to speak out my emotions on the fastest circumnavigation of the world back in 1994 and an opportunity to meet few other ‘Rare Breeds’ who defined adventure in a way they wanted to… While I am still working on how I can build my own model around one such inspiration, Hubert Kriegel (www.thetimelessride.com), I treasure this picture from Hubert and a few email that we have exchanged.  His signature line states.. “Don’t forget to take a Risk today

For the adventurers in us, we all look up at inspirations.. For me, undoubtedly Hubert will be one of the most adored.  Thankfully, his website is still available to follow and read about his daring and most humbling travels.

Motorcycle Travelers Meet went on to give me a platform to rekindle the spirit in me to travel on adventure beyond boundaries and life’s been good thus far.
A brief excerpt from his introduction on the MTM platform, ‘Dan is the first solo adventure motorcyclist in the world to ride the ROAD of BONES in freezing Siberia during winter (COLDEST REGION on Earth!). The temperatures in the area goes below 35 degrees and is considered to be one of the toughest rides in world in an unforgiving landscape’.
Watch his video here – https://youtu.be/FGohEbgOiN0
I might never gather the guts that he had, for me, this is as real as it can get!!

While Moscow to Magadan was the original plan, a chance meet up with Sudhir and Dilip, again on the Motorcycle Travellers Meet – India platform, realigned the plan to cover 6 countries and here we are!

The trust in us by each of our sponsors, Bajaj Dominar Trip 360 Hewlett Packard Enterprise SF Watches Spartan ProGear Co. Woodland La Mexicana Preeminent Technology (PMTT)
#Indusandburpeeseedsprivatelimited #4Play Sahyadri, Suvarna News 24X7 Fast&Up India ChargePLUS EagleRider India has been invaluable and have laid the very foundation for this dream to be realized. Taking this opportunity to thank Shubhabrata Marmar (Shumi) for his guidance and #PixelJingle for conceptualizing, developing, updating and maintaining our website www.dominartrip360tso.com!

The weather has been harsh over the last few days, something that’s definitely not favorable but we still are giving it our best. The #Dominar400 ‘s have been holding ground though they are getting battered, first on the Pamir Highway, roads in Kazakhstan and now as we headed into the M56. The last 800+kms have been nothing but gravel, slush due to incessant rains and unpredictable potholes!

The original plan of 12000 kms is now 15000 kms and we are still on track.. NO.. It’s not been about munching miles, interesting detours that I always do, has been the essence in seeing more interesting places, which has definitely helped make so many new friends!

Over the next few days, I may not be able to give as many updates as I have always shared, the challenge is the road ahead, connectivity and a whole lot of concentration and decisions on the go!

Between now and 4 Aug, we should be able to achieve a landmark and make every sponsor, my inspiration and the #MTM platform proud, VERY proud!

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