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6th June 2017 – We were flying to Tashkent in Uzbekistan!

Flying to Tashkent

The motorcycles would have also reached just about that time and we landed and sensing a language barrier to get them out of the Customs, I reached out to Rustam Yarullin, a fellow biker in Tashkent, who seamlessly went through the whole razzmatazz of paperwork, somewhat similar to what we have in India, and before the end of 7th June, we had the cargo cleared!!

Getting the cargo cleared and seeing the machines in real, in Tashkent was a boundless joyous moment.. but short-lived when we realized that the batteries have not come along with the machines.

I immediately reached out to Bajaj, who confirmed that the batteries were indeed part of the crating.. But where did the batteries disappear in transit.. Remains a mystery till date!

Nonetheless, Rustam again came to our rescue and connected with his circle to ensure we had “similar” voltage batteries (but Made in China) by the following evening, which turned out to be a hectic evening to get the 3 bikes prepped up for a test run the following day with Rustam and his family!

Goodbye are never easy, and even for just less than 4 days, Rustam and Alexandra became thick friends and till this date, we are connected and exchange pleasantries very often…. I hope to get them to visit India soon and an opportunity to reciprocate their hospitality!

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