Riding in Kyrgyzstan

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June 18, 2017 – Tajikstan to Kyrgystan

The start of the day from Khorog, as we leave to exit Tajikistan was a memorable one with few new local friends wishing us luck. It’s been a true test of endurance when we took the road to Murghab via Alichur. Few stretches were just pure punishing and we had to keep higher speeds to get over it.

It’s all about being called Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and references to Amitabh, Aishwarya the moment people and soldiers came to know that we are Indians. Laughter riots all around! They just have so much warmth for us. It was so very emotionally taxing to get out of Tajikistan after being on the Pamir and Highway, experiencing the kindness of the mountains and the great hosts.

Kyrgyzstan is just another world altogether and it’s such a dramatic change from the bare mountains to lush green hillocks just by crossing over an international border!

Kyrgyzstan is turning out to be very interesting.. Explorers on wheels will find fuel stations spic and span.. Clean and happy to help staff!! And fuel comes at ~inr 40 per liter of 95 Octane!

Kyrgyzstan.. A Paradise in every sense.. The landscapes are so rich at every turn that it’s so easy to get lost in time… The road from Toktogul towards Bishkek runs through some passes that will just leave you mesmerized!! Technology is yet to be created to transmit the fragrance electronically else, even that would have been patched across here in my story.

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