Welcome at Indian Embassy Kyrgyzstan

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We got invited to the Indian Embassy and the Ambassador spent a considerable amount of time over tea knowing our adventure.  It was the international day of the Yoga and we could sense a flurry of activities around encouraging the locals to get them exposed to Yoga.

Indian Embassy

While on the Pamir Highway, we met fellow bikers from Europe who were heading towards Bishkek.  One among them was Alan McFall.  We caught up with him again in Bishkek and he offered to be our host.  His wife Cheryl and the fabulous bunch of kids at his home offered us a place to sleep, good food and most of all, unconditional joy and warmth.  I also realized that he’s also taking care of more than 20 kids who do not have the luxury of a family.  We shared lot of laughs and few meals with the kids, played like never before with the dogs, Joy and Buddy and also did a clean-up of our motorcycles in between the cherished meeting.

Often boggles the mind as to how people can give so much to folks they hardly know. Thus, motorcycle touring isn’t only about munching miles, it goes way beyond that!

This world is beautiful, if only we have the right eyes to see through it.

Getting out of the place had a tinge of sadness.

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