Riding through Charyn Canyon

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I chanced upon entering the Charyn Canyon National Park with a little help from my team and became the first and Only Indian to have scaled in into this beautiful Valley of Castle.

Over thousands of years, due to weathering actions, the Canyon has gained beautiful formations, with the most famous portion in the Canyon, which is called the Valley of Castles. Riding through one super steep length into the Canyon and back will be long remembered!   This is also called the younger brother of the Grand Canyon in the USA!

Before I entered this, there was a lot of argument and apprehension between me and the other 2 team members.  Apparently, I only then realized that most of the plan that they had been working on was partially inspired by the Long Way Round series in which one of the actors there mentions that getting into the Charyn Canyon was not a good idea!  Incidentally, those guys were riding big and heavy bikes and obviously when the need aroused to assist the bike to climb up, it was seemingly difficult! This had impregnated a mindset that this ride into a Charyn would be difficult and What if question took the better of the confidence.

I was very unhappy that these guys chose to stay back and not dare in into the Canyon…. For me, nothing stopped as I prefer to experience it myself and encourage the world to be fearless than set off an alarm!

The First Indian to ride in Charyn Canyon

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