Lake Baikal – Dominar Trip 360 Trans-Siberian Odyssey

Exactly a month into the Dominar Trip360 Trans-Siberian Odyssey was we setting foot on the Lake Baikal!  A ride into the planned location – Irkutsk and the ride will be long remembered .. I remembered every sequence of the movie, The Independence Day as we headed into Irkutsk.. The towering heavy clouds constantly gave in Continue Reading

Dominar Trip360 Trans-Siberian Odyssey – The Beginning

I tried reaching out to quite a few motorcycle companies. But unfortunately, nothing had clicked. That’s when as a last resort, I reached out to Shubhabrata Marmar who then was with OverDrive and now with PowerDrift.  After listening patiently to what the plan was, he said, if at all, any company in India would look Continue Reading