Memories… These are born out of such experiences that will stay with you for life!
Today, 5th Oct, I was given an opportunity to fly with the #Maharaja, #AirIndia Flight 604 to Mumbai.
The last highly memorable flight on board the #Maharaja was back in 1994, across the Atlantic Ocean during my The Yezdi Castrol Continental Raid. The memories of that flight stays impregnated and just cannot be forgotten at any stage of my life!
So much so, I can bring back those memories at every step! Right from reaching the Heathrow International Airport to parking the bike outside the Passenger Check In Counter, to negotiating with the #AirIndia staff, to loading the bike into the Passenger baggage section… Every step is a flash that came by today! Every step of it!!

On board Air India Flight from London to New York… In the cockpit of the Jumbo flying across the Atlantic Ocean – The Yezdi Castrol Continental Raid – 1994
Today… Air India Flight 604 from Bangalore to Mumbai

The Crew too was a familiar sight from yester years. The cutlery, with its remarkable customized ation brought back flooding memories when I had requested the crew that I am carry this set with me… I still have them!

Life’s all about memories… Cherished and pleasantly flashbacked with this fight!

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