A Gory tale of entwined antlers

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In the fall of 1968, a helicopter pilot and his passenger were flying over a creek called Lake Creek, south of Stewart Crossing on the north Klondike Highway. They spotted what they thought were two bull moose fighting (it was mating season), but on a closer examination they noticed something strange. Neither of the bulls seemed to be moving, in fact during their ferocious battle, the power and the force of their chargers was so great, that the huge antlers on the animals became locked together. Unable to pry them these majestic beasts died a slow and cruel death. Unable to put their muzzles to the ground, they could not eat or drink, and with no protection except their hooves, they were virtually defenseless against any predators that chanced to find them. Due to the lock of time, the passenger in the helicopter marked the location and planned to return. Winter set in before he got a chance to do so, and he postponed the trip until the following spring. When he finally found the spot again only the antlers and some bones remained to tell of this tragic trick of nature. 

The immediate priority was to address the busted tire issue!  We were guided to Yukon Yamaha in Whitehorse who just about had the right size of tires we needed, helped us fix the tires and we were all set to go without a day lost. Since they had in stock, I chose to have all the Dominar’s go in for a front wheel change here so as to avoid any further unforeseen eventualities.

Whitehorse on towards Watson Lake, we gave ourselves an opportunity for a stopover by the Rancheria Motel & Cafe and I highly recommend a must stop on this Alaska Highway.  The cafe which also includes a fuel station, by the roadside is a place with very interesting artifacts. They have a room that’s dedicated to Elvis Presley and it’s a treat for anyone who loves this guy!

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