Flight of the Condor-Bajaj Dominar Polar Odyssey

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The idea of the Dominar Polar Odyssey was initially named as Flight of the Condor, and this idea was initially mooted by Mr. Eric Vaz, President, Bajaj Auto.

This idea was conceptualized during the Press Meet after the most successful adventure of the Dominar Trans-Siberian Odyssey, amidst huge fanfare when Bajaj announced it to the press and obviously, the question was “What’s next?

So, Mr. Vaz, who appeared to have had a fascination for the Condors, and along the sidelines of sharing the experiences of the Trans-Siberian Odyssey, he indicated that you know, something like riding on the Path of the Condor would be of huge interest to the community.

The condors usually are found and thrive at an elevation of over 6000 feet above sea level and are originally from California. The Californian Condors would slowly, gradually fly down towards the south of the continent into South America, where the second species of the same bird, the Andean Condor originates.

Armed with this plan, or the idea that was mooted by Mr Vaz, I went back and studied the distance, geography and what it takes for an adventure like this. From what I initially learnt, with a valid American visa, it would be possible to get a Visa on Arrival at all the LATAM Countries and some of the South American Countries too allowed Visa on Arrival and some could be got prior to riding in from the home country.

I’ve always had a Godfather in Manish Tandon, Head of Customer Insight, Bajaj Auto, who would be the bridge between my crazy ideas and the bigger team at large within Bajaj and I voiced out an interest to plan the entire American Continents. I dug into some research of the overland travelers and realized that most of them would land in Alaska and hook up to the Pan American Highway and wind down all the way down, toward San Francisco via Seattle and then head on towards Mexico and further down into Latin America, fly across into Colombia, again hook up to the Pan American Highway and wind down in Ushuaia.

Mr Manish Tandon & Mr. Eric Vaz

This is roughly around 24,000 kilometer and somehow this did not interest me much,.  But what I did plan was that we will land in Alaska and from whatever statistics is available on the records, only 2% of them take the route up North towards the Arctic Ocean and I just wanted to do that.

So the plan was conceptualized, I worked on many nitty-gritties of refining the route, putting a bigger plan in place that would take the Bajaj Dominar across some of the most beautiful landscapes, landmarks, challenging terrains between these two American Continents and I presented the proposal to Mr. Tandon.

I had joined work with a a globally leading Financial Institution by then and exactly on the 4th of January I got a message from Mr. Tandon saying that “We Are On”. I just don’t know how to react. I stepped into the Global Head’s chamber and told him that I am torn between difficult decisions and this is what has come up.  He was kind enough to understand and advised to choose Passion, if that’s what will give me Happiness!!!!.